What To Expect

Orthotics and Biomechanics

An orthotist is an allied health professional who specialises in finding engineering solutions to biomechanical problems.

Orthotics involves the application of an orthosis to the body with the aim of improving function and/or pain by changing and reducing pathological stresses and loads on the body.

We provide orthotic treatment for acute or chronic musculoskeletal injuries.

Injury or tissue damage can occur to anyone at any age or activity level. These tend to occur in two ways: acute or chronic injuries. Acute injuries occur when a sudden movement or impact occurs damaging bone and/or surrounding tissue. Clients attend more routinely with chronic injuries. These can feel like they come on all of a sudden, but in fact have been manifesting for some time. Aggravating factors can be increases in activity level such as walking or training more often.

Each initial assessment will begin with a detailed history, to identify normal activity patterns and possible causes of current pathology.

We offer orthotic treatment for neurological conditions. This helps clients manage their condition and increase their independence with the activities of daily living, and compliments other therapeutic treatment goals. In many situations we work closely with Case Managers, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.